Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal in your home – Best Long Range WiFi Antennas

Whenever you can, you should always upgrade your devices to ensure greater speed and reliability in data transmission. Like any other electronic device, the accessory that provides the best long range Wifi antennas network is constantly evolving, always with new updates. For a review of the best long range Wifi antenna you can visit the No Fluff Tech website.

Keep your devices up to date

The standard B transfers data with a speed of 11 Mbps. The latest and fastest standard is EN format, which can transmit and receive data up to 600 Mbps.

To get the highest connection speed you will need to get an N-compatible router and a network card in your computer that supports this format. Outdated boards can be replaced easily and with a very cheap price. However, the router needs to be replaced with the new model.

Choose an appropriate location for your router

You may have installed wireless internet in your home for some time. She may have been in a different location away from the devices using her connection. Therefore, you need to analyze the best place in your home to insert a router, which works with waves, such as a radio or your mobile phone. Therefore, any obstacle in the middle of the road can create an obstacle in your coverage.

The best strategy is to place the router in a higher position, as the signal propagates downward and to the sides and is freed from the objects around it. Since the signal spreads in all directions, it is best to place it in the center of the room. Another important point is to install it in the room of the house where you will use it the most. Remember that cordless phones and microwaves can interfere with the signal. Therefore, it is best to keep the router away from these objects.

Protect your network from signal thieves

Even if you already have a password registered on your wifi antennas for long range coverage, it turns out and some opportunistic neighbors are using your connection, which will definitely slow you down. . One of the best ways to protect yourself is to have more advanced security standards, such as WPA. Like any password, it should be tricky to use, always blending numbers and letters.

It is also advised that you change the sequence frequently and to avoid others from identifying your network and detecting passwords, avoid using names that indicate where the signal is, Such as “Wi-Fi.” More radical, measure the extent to which your router has access. This can be done by the MAC address of the network card. It works as follows: Access to the appliance is completely blocked, except for the released MAC code.

Change connection channel

Many people today have a wireless Internet connection, and their network is definitely operating on the same channel that some of their neighbors have. This is even more common if you live in a building. To improve the coverage of your Wi-Fi and less interference, you can do something very simple: choose the channel that is freer.

One of the most commonly used software to verify the best channel for connection is WiFi Analyzer for Android. An excellent alternative is <a href=erts> WiFi Stumblerian. Both provide graphs to see which channel each router is using, and then recommend the best ones. To change the channel router, you can contact the company providing the router or check the information in the instruction manual.

Install an repeater to increase the signal range

If you live in a house with many floors and very thick walls, it is possible that Wi-Fi access is very low. One way to solve this is through signal repeaters.

As a first option, there are Wi-Fi repeaters that connect to the router via an Ethernet cable and send the signal back to more remote devices. These repeaters should always be connected to the router by cable, which may cause inconvenience. If this is a problem, there is another option: You can use PLC devices, which are connected to the power grid’s cable.

Look for apps that hijack your band

Downloading online games, streaming videos, programs, and other activities that require a continuous connection can greatly compromise the signal of your Wi-Fi network. If you have many people in your household who share the same network, it is possible that some devices are consuming the band the most, limiting network usage to other computers.

One of the ways to solve this problem is to use a device that is present in almost all Wi-Fi routers, QoS. With this it is possible to prioritize data transfer by protocol, i.e. you can place a video call in front of a torrent, for example.

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