Killer apps to encourage employee engagement

Across all industries, the number of fully engaged employees is surprisingly low. A survey conducted by Gallup recently estimated that up to 70 percent of workers do not feel connected to their jobs. Engaged employees are both more loyal and more productive – they work about 20 percent harder and are about 80% less seeking other employment.

The value of engagement is clear. Improving engagement is a task that is usually entrusted to the human resources department.

Engagement can be affected – for better or worse – at every stage of the employee’s tenure with the company. Boarding procedures, performance reviews, and relationships with alumni of the company all make a different. Today good human resource departments are using technological innovations to improve productivity, efficiency and engagement in all these areas.

Management application

To help your employees develop and develop their skills is a great way to engage them. Here are some applications and companies that can help:

Financial force HCM

This provider makes applications and modules to handle compensation planning, recruitment, HRMS, benefits, and performance and talent management.


The system is primarily designed for recruitment and human resource functions. It can also help manage both performance and expenditure. It has many management-friendly features such as dashboard, reporting, workflow management and internal communication options.

Training equipment

These apps are great for promoting professional development at every level of your company:

Almond is a learning app that is available for free on both desktop and mobile platforms. It is a great way to build your own training equipment and track employees’ progress through their training system.


Litmos allows you to brand your content, set up notifications, feedback and analytics, and track activity feeds.


The biggest strength of this scalable training platform is that it works well for employees, partners and customers alike.

The cornerstone for Salesforce

The cornerstone is a tool for building better training materials. It supports the latest educational trends including mobile learning, internal networks and gamification.

Collaborative tools

More communication leads to more teamwork and more engaged employees. These apps are all good communication enhancers:

Aptus ex-writer for chatter

This app does a great job of tying Salesforce, Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft Office together into a cohesive unit.

Apttus X-Author ™ For Salesforce Chatter provides dynamic interaction between Microsoft Office, Chatter & Salesforce. Custom ribbons embedded in Office documents allow smart interactions with structured data systems. Share and record document activity.

If for some reason you do not already have Microsoft Office, you can download it from this website.

Automatically organize Dropbox files to you and your teams with Salesforce records. Add and share files within Salesforce and Salesforce1.

Compliance locker

Sometimes the facility of Salesforce Chatter exposes employees to legal and regulatory risks. Compliance Locker provides uninterrupted security to ensure that confidential information remains compartmental.

The compliance locker by ARCUS employs best practices to capture the chatter for compliance purposes.

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